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Best Time to Visit Kerala

Feather Malappuram KottakkalBest Season / Best time to visit Malappuram

The best season to visit Malappuram is during the months of September to March as the weather conditions are pleasant.

Best Time To Visit for Treatment: August to March (for exploring Kerala); April and August (for getting Ayurvedic treatments)

Best Season: Throughout the year

Summer 22 to 40°C, Winter 15 to 30°C

Every traveler has a different purpose and requirement from a destination that he/she travels to. And if it is a destination like Kerala, then the choice really becomes difficult as the land offers so many unique things to the visitors. No wonder that Kerala, blessed with great natural beauty and diverse ecology, has been bestowed with honors like one of the "ten paradises of the world" and "50 places of a lifetime" by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Whether it's the serene backwaters or the splendid hill stations, the stunning beaches or the rich cultural aspects, there is so much to explore in Kerala. Due to its close proximity to sea, the climate of Kerala is neither too hot nor too cold. This has made Kerala an all-season destination, although the period between October and April are considered best, as this time offers moderate temperatures around Kerala, making it ideal to visit the marvelous state.

Traditionally, the period from August to March has been considered a good time to travel to Kerala and the period between April and August is considered the best time for getting Ayurvedic treatments, for which Kerala is renowned worldwide. This way, Kerala deems to be an all season destination. However, carry an umbrella because Kerala has a knack of throwing up sudden bursts of showers irrespective of whatever month it is. The period from June to July and October to November, which used to be considered off season due to monsoons, has also started seeing a good influx of visitors. In fact, the monsoon period, with the atmosphere remaining cool and dust free, allowing for opening up the pores of the body, is considered ideal for Ayurvedic treatments.




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