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Our Specialities

What is the most Specialties than others

      Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity is the Indian system of medicine,more than 5000 years.This system is practiced throughout India,in different styles.Kerala has contributed several variations in the field of various purification therapies,and this modified system is being followed in this hospital.Among the eight important divisions,purification therapy and rejuvenation therapy has become very popular overseas. The science is advices moderation in the activity of the  of the mind and body for the successful completion of lifespan.Diseases are treated symptomatically and based on the reasons. The main different between Ayurveda and modern system of treatment is that in Ayurveda , treatment of the same disease differs from patient to patient, but in Modern Medicine,it is not so.

The following treatments are done at the hospital

Purification Therapies

1. Induction of emesis (Vamana)

2. Purgation (Virechana)

3. Vasti (Medication through rectum)

4. Nasya (Nasal Medication)

5. Rakthamoksha (Bloodletting)

The Kerala Specialities

1. Navarakizhi (Rice Pudding massage)
2. Pizhichil (Irrigation with Oil and Massage)

3. Elakkizhi

4. Podikkizhi

5. Manalkizhi

6. Udvartanam (Rubbing with medicated powder/Body Slimming Massage)

7. Aghyangam (Application of Oil on the body)

8. Sirovasthi

9. Sirodhara ( Irrigation of head with Oil)

10. Urovasti

11. Kateevasthi

12. Januvasti

13. Upanaham

14. Bashpasveda (Steam Bath)

15. Palpuka

16. Dhoompana

17. Aschcyotana (Eye Medication)

18. Anjana (Eye Medication)

19. Tarpana (Eye Medication)

20. Putapaka


22.Takradhara (Irrigation of head with medicated buttermilk)