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This is a treatment where suitably warmed medicated oil is irrigated all over the body with temperate massage. Generally it is done for a period of one hour, to provide lubrication to joints, relieve roughness of the skin and restore its natural texture. Combined sudation and oil application results in quick absorption of medicated oil.



This treatment is usually done in wasting diseases. Nutritive materials consumed will have to undergo digestion to reach various tissues. Cooked navara rice tied in a cloth bundle or rice paste is applied directly to the skin for faster absorption.



Obesity has several reasons but the present lifestyle and rich food consumption, in the absence of exercise, especially in some individuals result in obesity. This treatment is aimed to relieve the accumulated fat tissue by vigorous massage with medicated powder.



Application of oil on the body and head is to be a routine process for delaying the ageing process and for the building up of stamina. Application of oil and mild massage soothes the tense muscles and promotes circulation. Steam bath or warm water bath after the procedure refreshes the body. It also relieves mild myalgea.



Here, head is irrigated with warm medicated oil for the satiation of sense organs and for the relief of diseases affecting the head and neck. Cervical spondylosis, rigidity of the neck, insomnia and several nerve related diseases are relieved by the treatment. It is also effective in certain stages of paraplegia.



This treatment also has the indications as given above, usually done in chronic disorders. A cylindrical cap tied around the head is used for retaining warmed medicated oil for a period of one hour.


Kati stand for the hip, uras stands for the chest and janu stands for the knee. Chronic back ache, stiffness of hip joint and other similar diseases are relieved by Kativasti. Knee joints are most common site for degenerative changes, especially in obesity. This treatment is aimed to relieve pain and lubricate this joint. Urovasti is done for chest pain, secondary to injury. Medicated oils, suitable warmed is retained at the respective regions for a suitable period.



This treatment is done to relieve chronic diseases caused by impaired vata. It relieves stiffening of the limbs secondary to paraplegia. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis spondylosis, stiffening of the spine etc respond to this treatment. Some sports injuries are also relieved. Leaves from plants and some other ingredients, tied in a cloth bundle is used for this treatment.



Medicated oils are used as nasal drops, which are forcefully inhaled and spat out, for the relief of various diseases affecting the sense organs.



Here, medicated water extracts (kashayas) and medicated oils are administered anally for the relief of rheumatic disorders. This is lauded as the best elimination treatment for vitiated vata.  



Vapor arising from medicated cow’s milk is inhaled for the relief of Bell’s palsy and for satiation of sense organs. Certain allergic disorders respond well to this treatment.

Treatments done at Al Marjan Group of Kottakkal Ayurveda and Panchakarma Hospital

       1.    Vamana

       2.    Virechana

       3.    Vasti

       4.    Nasya

       5.    Raktamokshana

       6.    Pizhichil

       7.    Navarakkizhi

       8.    Udvartanam

       9.    Abhyangam and Samvahanam

     10. Sirodhara (irrigation of head with oil)

     11. Sirovasti

     12. Kativasti

     13. Urovasti

     14. Januvasti

     15. Pindaswedam/kizhi

     16. Nasyam

     17. Ksheeradhoomam

     18. Aschyotanam

     19. Netratarpanam

     20. Mukhalepam (herbal face pack)

     21. Steam bath etc




Al-Marjan Group of Kottakkal Ayurveda &Panchakarma Hospital
Al-Marjan Group of
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